We’re hiring! seeking a star engineer

Disclaimer: We are not a social network, a feedreader, a news aggregator, or a video site. We don’t create mashups or solutions in search of problems; we appreciate technical trickery, but we admire simple solutions to problems that matter.

We are an innovative startup in an $8 billion market ready for disruption. Our approach solves two key market problems with a novel approach praised by several industry experts and venture capitalists. It isn’t a complex idea; it’s actually simple, which we humbly think is the reason it will work.

We also have the ingredients of a stellar business: defensible and sustainable competitive advantages, a proven revenue model, network effects, and a low cost structure in an industry plagued by high burn rates. If we are successful, our product will have synergies with over a dozen large companies in three different areas, but most importantly, we can reach profitability and sustainability alone.

We will reach prototype within two months and generate cash flow immediately; as of today, we would have first-mover advantage. We believe in giving large responsibility to a few star recruits; we plan to hire five, work like ten, and pay like eight. We’re young enough to grant a significant equity stake, but more importantly, this is a chance to create something of real value.

Our two founders are graduates of Stanford, have experience leading VC-funded startups, and led multiple projects at PayPal and Google.

CEO: Mark Goldenson, http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=8433
CTO: Dev Nag, http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=154589

__ Founding Software Engineer __

* 2+ years experience developing robust, high-volume consumer web applications
* Proven excellence with web languages and infrastructure (LAMP)
* Proven record of quick, iterative, and modular web development in a team setting
* Strong initiative, deep attention to detail, top-notch communication skills, and a passion for creating customer value
* Live in or willing to relocate to the Northern California Bay Area

* Python experience is a strong plus
* Large scale database experience (especially MySQL) is a plus
* Experience in an early-stage internet startup

One thought on “We’re hiring! seeking a star engineer

  1. Kian December 6, 2022 / 9:47 am

    Great read thank youu

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